Ableton live educational license

ableton live educational license

ableton live educational license

For students and teachers, Ableton provides educational discounts on Live 10, Push and Max for Live. Save up to 40% on Ableton Live. Cookie banner. Clicking “Accept” means you consent to your data being processed in the United States, and you’ll let us use cookies and other technologies to process your personal information so we can ...

Live features within an educational license. An educational version of Live is exactly the same in terms of features and functionalities as a regular license.. We feel that it is important to support students and teachers, for this reason there aren't any limitations imposed on a license purchased with our educational discount.

Ableton Live is easy to roll out in a multi-client institutional environment. Compatible with license server technology by Sassafras, multiple instances of Live can be managed dynamically over a network, allowing for easy resource management and compliance.

EDU License FAQ Who is eligible for the educational discount? The EDU offer is available for students and teachers who are enrolled in school or teaching full time, or for at least 20+ hours a week. Students must be age 18 or of legal age according to their country's laws.

Ableton is happy to support students and teachers. If you’re currently either studying or employed at a school or university, we offer educational discounts on full-featured versions of Ableton Live but not on upgrades or add- on products. To use your copy of Live, you’ll have to show proof of your educational …

Live 10 Educational License for sale Post by Nightswimmer » Wed Feb 05, 2020 9:42 pm To purchase and use this license you have to be able to prove your educational status as either a student or teacher.

Hi producers & musicians ! I am selling my Educational License for Ableton Live 10 Suite. Please note that Ableton will ask you to upload proof of your educational status before completing the transfer. Once the license has been transferred you will forever own the license unless transferred again and you will have access to a full ...

I know this is probably a really dumb question, and the thought of going commercial as a total noob is so far fetched, but I want to be sure before purchasing ableton live suite. I've read in a couple of threads about how I can't use the educational suite commercially but don't see anything backing up this claim on ableton's website.

16 Audio and 16 MIDI Tracks. Eight Scenes. 4 Instruments, 21 Audio FX, 8 MIDI FX. Over 1500 Production-Ready Sounds.

Ableton Live 10 Standard Educational License. Ableton. Regular price $2,110.00 HKD Sale $2,110.00 HKD Sale

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