Code activation ps 2

code activation ps 2

code activation ps 2

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To request an activation code, use the form below. An activation code is only required if you have no internet access and you have a stand-alone perpetual or education license. If you do have internet access, follow the instructions for signing in or entering a serial number. Note: You can only get activation codes for

Passwords can be compromised if you use the same password for multiple accounts, click on malicious links, open phishing emails and other methods. If your password is compromised and becomes known to someone other than yourself, your account will still require a verification code to gain access when you activate 2-Step Verification.

Captivate, Contribute 2, Contribute 3, Director MX, Flash MX, Flash Professional MX, FreeHand MX, Studio MX, and FlashPaper 2 include Activation v.1. The new Studio 8 products have Activation v.2 technology. All three versions are very similar. You can find specific information about activation in your product by product pull down.

 · Each account can have one Primary PS4 and one temporary activation. A temporary activation will end once you sign out of PSN. To change a Primary PS4, you must first manually deactivate the previous Primary PS4. If you have reached your activation limit for PS3 or PS Vita/TV, you can manually deactivate each system using the guide below.

Under 2-Step Verification section, click the [Edit] button opposite [Status]. Follow the on-screen instructions to activate your mobile number with 2-step verification. A verification code is sent to your phone. Enter the number to finish activating 2-step verification. A text is sent to your phone verifying the activation of 2-step verification.

Hi John, everything I've done today - including the Live Chat correspondence, and Peru Bob's message, as well as prompts from tell me to go to that page to resolve the problem, the problem being that my installed PS CS2 requires an Auth Code.

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