How to remove cleanmymac software

how to remove cleanmymac software

how to remove cleanmymac software

Go to Finder → Application folder → Find CleanMyMac → Open context menu → Select Move to Trash or use Command + Delete shortcut. You can also go to Launchpad → drag and drop CleanMyMac icon to the Trash bin. Go to the Library Folder and find and remove all files related to CleanMyMac. Check the next folders.

 · Move CleanMyMac to Trash: Go to Finder → Application folder → CleanMyMac → Select “Move to Trash” or use the Delete shortcut command. Go to the Library Folder to find and remove all files related to CleanMyMac.

 · How to Remove CleanMyMac. Now, there are many different methods of removing CleanMyMac from your computer. One way is to use CleanMyMac 3’s own built in uninstaller module, which is, in fact, quite efficient. Here is how it works: Fire up CleanMyMac 3. Click on the Uninstaller module. You should see CleanMyMac listed in the apps found by this module.

 · Open CleanMyMac 2. Proceed to the Uninstaller module. Find CleanMyMac 2 in the list of apps found by the module. Click Complete Removal in the Smart Selector panel to mark the application file and all it related items for removal. Click Uninstall. Confirm that you are going to remove the app in the newly appeared message.

To use these feature, which is really a hidden gem, open the Uninstaller tab in CleanMyMac X (download its free edition here) Find and click on the Uninstaller tab. Choose any app in the list Click on the dropdown menu under the Uninstall button.

 · Use the official CleanMyMac X software to find and automatically remove the app or follow instructions for manual removal below. What is MacSpeedUp Pro? MacSpeedUp Pro claims to be a legitimate tool that optimizes on your Mac and eliminates performance issues.

 · Also Read: How to clean up Mac Hard drive using CleanMyMac; CleanMyMac X Review: The Best Mac Cleaner; How to remove junk files from Mac using CleanMyMac. CleanMyMac X is the best and great software that aids you to easily clean up all kinds of junk files at once on Mac. Not only cleans up junk files but also boosts the performance of your Mac.

 · You can stop any malicious software from running through the Activity Monitor. To do that, click “Applications” on your Finder and click “Utilities”. Click “Activity Monitor” to view all running...

 · Remove malware from Mac with CleanMyMac CleanMyMac offers protection against malware but also maintains your Mac for an excellent performance. Suppose you’re looking to do some deep cleaning on your Mac to gain extra space but really don’t want to spend ages searching through files and unused apps.

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