Rules for harmonizing piano tunes

rules for harmonizing piano tunes

rules for harmonizing piano tunes

 · With the release of chord progressions and exercises in both Major and Minor Scales we spoke to Leila Viss, to learn more about how to harmonize melodies with Piano Maestro. Over to Leila Viss. Piano Maestro regularly adds top hits to their enormous Library. Earning three gold stars on these favorite tunes is pure fun AND addicting thanks to ...

Reharmonization involves changing the melody or chords or both – but changing them with regard to certain rules or ideas. To reharmonize a song you need to take two things into account: Harmony. This depends on the interaction between the melody and the chords; It depends on the quality of the chord (Maj, min, V7, etc.)

 · 4. Warren Bernhardt's Jazz Piano Books/ CDs/Videocassette courses 5. Aebersold's Maiden Voyage. I also had a nice piano teacher but after 15 weeks of lessons, she finally admitted to me that she is essentially a gospel piano teacher and is not familiar with jazz chord progressions. All she knew was the I-IV-V progression. So much for live piano ...

 · How to Harmonize. A harmony is a series of notes that blends with a song's melody to add character and please the ears. From figuring out the best combination of notes to singing without straying from your part, harmonizing …

This lesson builds on Solo Jazz Piano Part 1, in which the technique of playing solo jazz piano was established with the use of spread voicings. In addition to the analysis of Tommy Flanagan's transcription, "Come Rain or Come Shine," I Hear a Rhapsody," "These Foolish Things" and two more standard tunes are realized using these voicing ...

Ok, so now that you’ve gotten the basics from Fred’s tutorial above, the following should give you some ideas on how to take the next step in harmonizing a melody with diatonic (and some “not so diatonic” passing chords.) In this example, I used the same melody …

 · Guides, Improv Tips, Piano; Reharmonizing A Melody. Whether you want to completely surprise your audience or just freshen up tunes you’ve played for years, reharmonization can be a powerful tool to have in your belt. ... Two rules to guide you as you’re reharmonizing anything: Any melody can work with any root. Always trust your ears.

As shown in Table 2, while you can make A minor and C major chords from the A Minor Pentatonic scale, you can't make full triads for chords rooted on D, E, or G with the notes available.If you want to stick to the A Minor Pentatonic scale for your harmonies, you could always rely on intervals (i.e. 2 note harmonies rather than 3 note triads), but this ends up sounding more "Gregorian Chant ...

The context for my question is that I'm a liturgical musician who plays tunes on piano or organ. I don't think the kind of idiom I want is the idiom of modal jazz; I want to use idioms such as one hears in the first few seconds of Bedard's Eight Invocations or Peeters's Aria. Thanks to anyone who can help! Follow-up questions are welcome.

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