Traktor pro track collection icon

traktor pro track collection icon

traktor pro track collection icon

Importing your Collection. Start TRAKTOR again on your new computer. Right-click on Collection in the TRAKTOR browser and select Import another Collection from the context-menu. Browse to the backup Root Directory on your external hard drive (in our example "Traktor 2.7.3") and select the file "collection…

Recently released in TRAKTOR 2.11.1, track color coding can help you sort your music by adding colored highlights within your playlists. Remember your history. TRAKTOR saves all your past sets to dated playlist files, which you can access via the Archive section of the Explorer node.

Remix on the fly with Remix Sets – ready-made loop and sample packs for TRAKTOR PRO 3. Remix Sets are available in two flavors: Remix Sets from renowned artists: The full track, plus up to 64 of its individual elements – from drum loops and bass patterns, to synth lines, sound effects, and vocals.Loop and recombine these parts to rebuild and remix the original track.

 · Currently, this will only work in Traktor playlists, the Explorer and the Track Collection and will not work in the iTunes node. The Font & Font Size menu will allow you to change the font in Traktor and also change the size of the font. The List Row Height will let you create more space between tracks in the browser to make it easier to read.

Place “Numark MixTrack Pro II Traktor Pro Map.tsi” on your desktop or a place on your computer that is easy to locate. Open Traktor Pro 2, and open the Settings by selecting the gear icon. Click Import at the bottom of the Settings window. Direct the computer to the location of “Numark MixTrack Pro II Traktor Pro Map.tsi” and click Open.

 · Today I encountered really unusual problem. When I opened my Traktor (using 1.2.7 v.) I realised that all my tracks within Track collection as well as all the playlists are completely missing. The only things left are: 1. Shortcuts to playlists - displaying red croses 2. History files in Archive folder Is there a way to restore the tracklist?

 · Traktor makes it easy to edit the fields in your track collection (although you don’t get the option when playing from iTunes playlists, as you do with some other DJ software). By simply clicking on the artist or track name, you are able to rename fields nice and quickly on the fly instead of having to right click the track to open the edit ...

 · Every single modern DJ platform now has track-based color coding – from CDJs to Serato DJ, and (just recently), Traktor Pro.Serato DJ probably has the best implementation – they also have color-codable cues and loops, and when you drop a color-coded track onto a deck, the platter changes colors to match the code.

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