Traktor pro track collection icon

traktor pro track collection icon

traktor pro track collection icon

Traktor Pro 2 makes it easy to find similar tracks in your music collection. Watch this video to learn how to search, refine, and sort your track collection. Search Shortcut. Many of the columns in Traktor Pro 2’s track collection have a small magnifying glass icon to the right of the column’s value. This icon is not just for show.

Recently released in TRAKTOR 2.11.1, track color coding can help you sort your music by adding colored highlights within your playlists. Remember your history. TRAKTOR saves all your past sets to dated playlist files, which you can access via the Archive section of the Explorer node.

TRAKTOR creates a backup of your Track Collection each time you close the program. TRAKTOR labels these backups with the precise date and time of their creation. Follow the below steps to import a backup of your Track Collection to TRAKTOR PRO 2: Right-click on the Track Collection in the Browser-tree and choose Import another Collection.

 · Here is part 2 of my Traktor Pro 2 Tutorials, in this tutorial you will get more comfortable with the organization and basic preparation of your tracks in yo...

 · Currently, this will only work in Traktor playlists, the Explorer and the Track Collection and will not work in the iTunes node. The Font & Font Size menu will allow you to change the font in Traktor and also change the size of the font. The List Row Height will let you create more space between tracks in the browser to make it easier to read.

 · I am familiar with Traktor's ability to store my collection's as individual .nml files. These files are located in /Documents/Native Instruments/Traktor Scratch/backup. When I am in the backup folder there are these Traktor icons, and underneath the icon is : collection200710092250 followed by a .nml.

In one of my recent articles, I demonstrated how to create a simple MIDI mapping in Traktor Pro.If you're ready to advance your mapping skills, let's learn to create two advanced mappings in Traktor. Load and Sync. The first mapping that we'll create allows you to load and sync a track at the same time, and trigger both functions from a single button.

Elevate your recordings with the Icon QCon Pro control surface with motorized faders. Rather than using a keyboard and mouse, the QCon Pro offers tactile control over the most essential functions of your DAW including navigation, transport, track level, plugin parameters, recording, editing, automation, and more.

 · Traktor Pro 2 Deleting Track Collection. Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO' started by Emotional Refugee, Aug 22, 2011. Emotional Refugee New Member. Messages: 2. Hey all, this is my first post here. So, HELLO! Ok, so I am having a couple problems. One I read about briefly on a closed thread here.

 · Every single modern DJ platform now has track-based color coding – from CDJs to Serato DJ, and (just recently), Traktor Pro.Serato DJ probably has the best implementation – they also have color-codable cues and loops, and when you drop a color-coded track onto a deck, the platter changes colors to match the code.

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