Tuxera error while mounting disk

tuxera error while mounting disk

tuxera error while mounting disk

 · I too have been experiencing the same problem for a few weeks now - uninstalling Tuxera NTFS via the pref pane does not solve the prob either. Have a Great day! pete.

 · I found a few posts where people said Tuxera is a good utility to SOLVE issues like this. But I HAD Tuxera. So I thought let me disable it and see. Problem solved. BootCamp mounts etc etc. I'm not sure if this is a bug, or some conflict with Tuxera and BootCamp, but you should try this if you have the same issues. Alan

Thanks Aaron. I have downloaded WinCDEmu but can't get it to work with my Win 10 laptop. I right-click the .iso file to mount it but the computer just hangs a few minutes and then I get a message saying operation failed.

 · Hmmm, alright, makes sense. I read the article, but I don't think it applies to my problem simply because its only one file. (inode 393) I could be wrong, I …

 · i spent most of my days not being able to write on the disk only read it and last night i tried to repair the disk again in disk utility. ... Sharing & permissions changed to " you have custom access". what i want to say is ease us and tuxera didnt do anything or the western digital discovery. ... I tried manually mounting and even reversed my ...

 · But I don't have a disk, I'm using downloads only. Lots of these issues seem unsolved in the support area. Waisted more than 2h already …

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